Tour lenght: 5 hours    Max People: 40
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Dance & Salsa Adventure

This tour really has you stepping out of the box with this unique opportunity to learn the right Salsa steps to spice up your life. This Latin dance is famous for its dance moves being fiery, passionate, and fierce. You’ll learn to dance salsa in a way you never knew you could! Imagine yourself having that rush of energy, as you flow across the dance floor.

First you get the good fortune to learn to prepare a variety of authentic Mexican salsas, including the world-famous guacamole, pico de gallo and much more.

Let our professional chef guide you in authentic Mexican cuisine, to discover the perfect way to prepare Salsas, that trace back to the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans. Sample your freshly made salsas with quesadillas, corn chips and “taquitos dorados”, paired with salty Margaritas brought straight to you from our bar.

After the dance lesson, get ready to enjoy the best of the Caribbean at Playa Mia Grand Beach Park. Lunch will be served for your dinning pleasure. This beach club is the ideal spot to swim through the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, lounge on the white-sand beach and have as much fun as you want. You will also have access to all the resort's amenities, including the water park, pools, and watersports equipment.


  1. Arrive at Playa Mia and start your check in, here you’ll pay the remaining balance. For those that booked the transfer option, this will be charged at the meeting point
  2. Enter the facilities at 10:00 a. m.
  3. Beginning of Dance and Salsas workshops at 10:30 a. m.
  4. Let the chef guide you in preparing authentic Mexican cuisine. Native people created their own versions of salsa using tomatoes, chilies, and squash seeds, now you have the opportunity to emerge yourself in these ancient traditions.
  5. Engage in a salsa dance lesson, feel the smooth rhythmic sounds of the percussion. Create your own spontaneous panache as you dance to the heart of the music with our professional dance instructor.
  6. End of the salsas workshop and dancing lessons, beginning of beach break portion at 12:00 p. m.
  7. Lunch is served, choose one of our menu options: *Classic hamburger with French fries, Smoked Chicken with mashed potatoes and coleslaw salad, or Smoked Fish fillet with rice and vegetables. The veggie option is Portobello Mushroom Burger and have some drinks from the Domestic Open Bar.
  8. End of the excursion at 15:00 p. m
  9. Transportation back to the original meeting point will be available for those who bought the transfer option

Duration: 5 hours.

Meeting Time: 30 minutes before the starting time

Starting Time: 10:00 AM

Starting Point: Playa Mia’s main entrance. Km 15 Southern coastal road

Meeting Points: Available when you purchase with transfer

For guests staying in the Northern hotel zone or downtown of Cozumel

For guests staying in the Southern hotel zone of Cozumel

  • Transfer service does not apply, as Playa Mia is close to these hotels. In this case, the meeting point is Playa Mia’s main entrance


If you arrive at the Puerta Maya Pier:

Directions: Go through the pier terminal.To reach the piers outside sidewalk on Melgar Avenue and turn left, without leaving the pier's sidewalk. Walk 100 yards past the traffic lights, until you see the pedestrian yellow stripes crossing zone by the Royal Village shopping Center which you will easily recognize. Get across the street. The booth is a few feet from the end of the pedestrian yellow stripes on the other side of the street. Our representative will be waiting for you in uniform

If you arrive at the SSA International Pier:  

Directions: Exit the pier, reach the outside gate and walk across the street by the pedestrian yellow stripes crossing zone, to the Royal Village Shopping Center. The booth is a few feet from the end of the pedestrian yellow stripes on the other side of the street. Our representative will be waiting for you in uniform. 

If you arrive at the Punta Langosta Pier:

  • The meeting point is Playa Mia’s retail booth just in front of the SSA International Pier at the Royal Village Shopping Mall

Minimum # of passengers: 1         

Maximum # of passengers:  40

Tour operator: Playa Mia

✅Bilingual Chef / Entertainer / Dance instructor

✅Entrance to Playa Mia Grand Beach

✅Cooking lesson on salsas

✅Salsa dance lesson

✅Salsas tasting, quesadillas, chips & fried taquitos

✅One meal to choose: *Classic hamburger with French fries, Smoked Chicken with mashed potatoes and coleslaw salad, or Smoked Fish fillet with rice and vegetables. The veggie option is Portobello Mushroom Burger.

 *Meal is subject to change without prior notice

✅Domestic Open Bar & Sodas: Margaritas at the class and Domestic Open Bar while you’re in Playa Mia.

For safety reasons, straight shots are not provided; alcoholic beverages are served as mixed drinks.

✅Access to Playa Mia features:

  • Buccaneers Bay kid’s lagoon-pool with a pirate ship, water cannons, water sprays & animal shaped slides.
  • Oasis Island Pool and its Hydro Massage Tub.
  • Access to the Floating Park
  • Access to Underwater Mayan City (snorkel gear not included, available for rent)
  • Lounge Chairs
  • Ocean Kayaks
  • Pedal Boats
  • Water Bicycles
  • Ping-Pong Table
  • Volleyball and soccer beach court
  • Showers and Dressing Rooms
  • Life Vests
  • Lifeguard
  • Rescue Unit
  • On-site First Aid Center & Paramedic
  • On-site Ambulance
  • Wheelchair-accessible areas available. Doesn´t apply to all activities in the park.
  • A complimentary beach-wheelchair transfer service is also available upon request inside the property. 

*Restrictions Apply.

**All services are provided upon availability and in a first come – first serve basis.

❌À la carte food at La Velaria Restaurant

❌ “La Cantina” Bar

❌ Wave Runners are available for an additional fee; we can assure you they’re all totally worth it.


❌Diving trips

❌Snorkel trips

❌Snorkel equipment


❌Beach Umbrellas


❌Lounge Beds

❌Nails & Spa

❌Fish Therapy

❌Hair braiding

❌Outdoor Massage Services

❌Shopping Area with souvenirs, Mexican handcrafts and photo shop

  • It is important to be aware that the remaining balance will be charged at the meeting point (preferably in cash). Credit card may be used, but you will have to pay the added 10% bank commission.
  • IMPORTANT: Playa Mia is committed to protecting the ocean environment and Cozumel’s vast coral reefs; therefore, the use of any type of sunscreen, sunblock, or suntan lotion which could eventually make its way into the ocean is no longer allowed. All guests must shower BEFORE entering either the ocean or Playa Mia’s pools. We suggest the use of long-sleeved UV-filtering shirts, hats, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.  Coral, fish, and all other sea creatures thank you for your cooperation!
  • Wheelchair accessibility: This excursion is not available for guests in a wheelchair or guests with walking difficulties.
  • Transportation: N/A. Guests must take their own transportation to Playa Mia

Beach Park Restrictions

  • Playa Mia is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. local time, from Monday to Saturday
  • Participants must comply with all instructions given by the staff
  • Participants must comply with the specific rules of each individual activity inside the park
  • Participants must comply with Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park rules of use while staying at Playa Mia
  • Participants under 18 years old must be accompanied, directly supervised and cared for by a responsible adult companion, parent(s), or legal guardian at all times
  • A valid photo ID may be required as proof of age for the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18 years old. Minors will not be served alcohol, even with parental consent
  • Playa Mia reserves the right to refuse service of alcoholic beverages to guests that appear intoxicated, are unruly or underage
  • The participation in any and/or all the services and attractions offered by the tour operator are entirely at the guest’s sole discretion, risk, and responsibility
  • Unassisted use of sailboats will be subject to approval by the tour operator. Guests will need to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary for their own-safe and responsible use
  • Some beach services and attractions may be subject to age, height and/or weight requirements/restrictions
  • The use of any and/or all non-motorized water toys will be subject to and in accordance with the laws, terms and conditions of use mandated by the tour operator, local, state, and federal authorities
  • The number of non-motorized water toys offered complies with Cozumel’s National Marine Park regulations and they are offered on a first come, first-serve basis

Water Park Restrictions:

  • Height and weight restrictions for the Buccaneers’ Bay Water Toys:
    • Maximum height - 1.2 meter or 3 feet 11 inches
    • Maximum weight for children slides- 60 KG or 132 LB
  • Height and weight restrictions for the Twin Twister Waterslides
    • Minimum height - 1 meter or 3 feet 3 inches
    • Maximum weight - 113 KG or 250 LB
  • All children under 12 years old and all non-swimmers must be accompanied and supervised one-on-one by a parent or legal guardian who must always remain in the water within arm’s reach of the child or non-swimmer. Older children should not be left in charge of younger children in the pool area
  • Use of the pools and slides is not allowed for guests with any skin disease, lesions, infections, open sores, inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharge, communicable disease, or who have any considerable area of exposed sub-skin tissue, open blisters, cuts, and/or who are wearing any kind of bandage or Band-Aid
  • Shoes of any kind are not allowed in the pools or in the slides
  • The maximum for guests allowed in the Hydro Massage Tub at the same time is 6
  • The use of waterslides is not allowed for guests afraid of heights, people under the influence of alcohol, drugs (including prescription medications), pregnant and nursing women, guests with medical conditions such as back, neck, joint or muscular injuries, heart conditions, recent surgeries (up to 6 months), or guests with special needs or medical preventions

Floating Park Restrictions

  • Guests must be aware of the game’s linking intersection and surfaces
  • All children under 12 years old and all non-swimmers must be accompanied and supervised one-on-one by a parent or legal guardian
  • Guests must be aware of signs on the games
  • Pushing, acrobatics, wrestling, violence, any bad behavior or act that might endanger the welfare of oneself or other visitors are not allowed
  • Admission to the Floating Park may be refused to any guests afraid of heights, pregnant and nursing women, guests with medical conditions such as back, neck, joint or muscular injuries, heart conditions, recent surgeries (up to 6 months, or those who are believed to be under the influence of alcohol, impaired by any drug or medication, or who might create an unsafe environment for others
  • Guests must obey the instructions of the lifeguards and other park staff
  • Eyeglasses are not permitted. In cases of absolute necessity, non-breakable lenses and frames may be allowed
  • Visitors are obliged to use an appropriate bathing suit that is free of rivets, zippers or other metallic accessories that may scratch the surface of the Floating Park
  • The Floating Park may be evacuated and disassembled at any time in order to ensure the safety and the well-being of the guests
  • All injuries should be reported immediately to the park staff


  • Cash or credit card (VISA, Master Card or American Express) for restaurant, shopping, and gratuities
  • Comfortable beachwear
  • Swimwear
  • Long-sleeved UV filtering shirts
  • Sandals
  • Hats

  • FREE cancellation and full refund will be issued if notified within a minimum of 24 hours prior to your tour time; if it is made within less than 24 hours in advance, booking fees cannot be refunded
  • If you show up under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we will not allow you to take part in the activity and we will not issue a refund 

Safety & Health Guidance

  • Guests must follow safety guidelines from the staff to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
  • Staff will remind guests to keep physical distance, during the reception and brief-in
  • Health screening of guests at the check-in will be made through a quick test that involves temperature checking; any guest showing signs of respiratory illness such as coughing, and sneezing will be excluded from the tour
  • Each guest will be asked to sign a declaration of health upon arrival
  • We will allow healthy people to enjoy the tour; the staff will encourage guests to use a face mask/face covering upon arrival. Due to local government policies, the use of face mask/face covering is mandatory
  • Guests must wear face mask/face coverings in common areas, near other guests, and when interacting with the staff
  • The staff will provide each guest antibacterial gel (at least, 70% alcohol) upon arrival
  • We have additional hand sanitizing dispensers to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria
  • We will encourage guests to follow the handwashing protocol frequently, with soap and water for 20 seconds before and after any activity


Starting from $ 72.00 p/p
Reserve with $ 25.20 p/p
Playa Mia’s main entrance