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Mexican Caribbean

Only one of the ancient seven wonders of the world are still standing today. With honor status it is ‘The Great Pyramid of Giza’ in Egypt, a vast kingdom of the ancient world. Four others were destroyed by earthquakes including ‘The Colossus of Rhodes’ (Κολοσσός της Ρόδου) that was built in 282 BC, but by 226 BC it had been destroyed completely by an earthquake. The Statue of Zeus at Olympia (Δίας μυθολογία) was one of two that were destroyed by fire in 426 AD. The Original Seven Wonders list was created in the 2nd century BCE, so an upgrade had been long overdue.

The crystal-clear water and white-sand beaches found on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico are by far some of the most impressive in the Caribbean. Whether you're seeking a tropical vacation that offers a blissful retreat from everyday life or you're hell bent on adventure and fun in the sun, the island of Cozumel has these 5 fantastic beaches for you.

Imagine an Adventure Island...

A family vacation that explores a crocodile habitat, ancient ruins, hidden coastal coves, a sunken city and an island that once sheltered pirates.

Forget about your GPA and pack a bag, buy a plane ticket, and spend this spring break in Cozumel – with wild waves, adventure around every corner, and loud parties. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime surrounded with your best friends, as I (21-year-old that has done most of these activities in the past, therefore can confidently recommend them) list some of the essentials of a Cozumel spring break escapade. Let me break it down for you- what to do, where to go to, what you need!!!

When arriving at Cozumel, some people seek adventure with previously booked activities, and some people will instead spend the time aboard their cruise and enjoy the view of the island while sipping a margarita on the upper deck. However, some travelers still like to relax but want to swim and enjoy the beautiful crystal-clear waters adorning Cozumel, and this day pass is perfect for those visitors; enjoy your time spent at the gem of hospitality – the El Cid La Ceiba Hotel. If you're looking for a convenient option and comfort without breaking the bank, look no further. Let's dive deep into what makes this hotel a must-visit destination, especially with its enticing all-inclusive day pass offer.

In the heart of the Yucatán Peninsula, where the ancient Mayan civilization thrived, lies the archaeological wonder of Chichén Itzá. While this site is captivating year-round, there is a moment that truly steals the spotlight - the equinox. Mark your calendars, as this celestial spectacle occurs twice a year, typically around March 20th and September 23rd.

Welcome to the grandest spectacle in the Caribbean – Cozumel's Carnival, celebrating its magnificent 150th anniversary! Get ready to be swept away in a whirlwind of colors, music, and pure jubilation as we take a trip down the memory lane of this iconic event, explore the pre-carnival festivities, and introduce you to the contenders vying for the coveted titles of King and Queen of the Carnival.

Cozumel, a jewel of the Caribbean, is known for its sun-kissed beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and an unexpected but captivating secret – the enigmatic world beneath the waves. As we peel back the ocean's surface, prepare to be astonished by the unique experience offered by Atlantis Submarines, a company that has been unlocking the mysteries of Cozumel's underwater realm for the past two decades.