Mexican Caribbean

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The love boat promises something for everyone

Captain Stubing and the crew of Pacific Princess tried their best to please the passengers and help them with their romantic endeavors. Well, that was in the American romantic comedy/drama television series, that aired on ABC from 1977 to 1986. I have fond memories watching re-runs as a kid, wishing I too could go on a cruise to Exotic lands and Islands.

Modern day well there are more than 50 cruise lines, totaling over 340 ships worldwide. It’s the fastest growing sector of the Leisure Travel market. Rapid growth since 1980s, with 7.4% year-over-year. The Caribbean is the most popular destination, and the Mediterranean comes in second place. On board it just luxury, indulgences, pure extravagances in a V.I.P style. It really is all the bells and whistles. So fun some retirees decide to take a permanent vacation and are living on the ship full time. Each cruise Ship having a Hospital, shops, restaurants, clubs, gyms, swimming pools , but it doesn’t stop here depending on what kind of cruise you are on.

Cozumel No.1 cruise ship destination in Mexico

Cozumel’s cruise piers account for 43% of visits in 2020 in Mexico. Over 3 million tourists arrived here in 2022, a 300 % increase compared to 2021. But when did it all start?

Right back on a tepid sun-kissed day in November on the 3 in 1967, when the first cruise ship the SS Añadne’ docked at the Punta Langosta Pier. It took two days to complete the journey from Miami arriving Sunday morning in Cozumel, making history. In her hay day the ’SS Añadne’ could hold up to 239 passengers, her schedules would depart every month from Miami, sailing to her regular port of call Cozumel, then Port-au-Prince, Haiti before going on to Ochio Rios, Jamaica. A ticket on these 4-day cruises would set you back about $150 usd. 1972 everything changed when she was sold, Cozumel was no longer a cruise ship destination.

Nothing was quiet on the spectacular lush Caribbean Island for long. The ’MS Bolero’ was the next ship to frequent the Island. Interestingly it was originally built and commissioned as a car\passenger ferry in France. The Commodore Cruise Lines changed this, making journeys from Miami to Cozumel until 1976.

This ancient paradise wasn’t going to stay sleepy for long. The company “Black Sea Shipping” from Russia (then known as USSR) began bringing tourists from New Orleans and Tampa in 1977. This was an explosion in expeditions from the United States to not only Cozumel, but the whole Caribbean. 7-14 nights was priced from $450- $1995 usd, called the ‘Caribbean Festival` or ‘Venture Isles` there was something to satisfy most V.I.P appetites. Iridescent sparkling ocean waves, Idyllic tropical paradises, breezy winds tickling the sun-drenched wooden decks of the ocean liners.

Cozumel was the top destination, but not the only Grand Cayman, Montego Bay, Curacao, Port-au-Prince, Santiago and Havana were all available to immerse yourself in. They started with two ships, holding 464 passengers the ’MS Odessa‘ and 300 passengers on the ’MS Kazakhstan’. Incredible to believe both ships had the Soviet hammer and Sickle emblem on the ships funnels. These tours started only four years after the ´Cuban Missile Crisis´ of October 1962.

(A crisis consisting of miscommunications between both parties, that was played out at the White House and the Kremlin. Respective bureaucracies involved in foreign policy had little say in the political and military standoff, over the installation of nuclear armed Soviet missiles in Cuba).

1978 opened the doors to more competition in the luxury ocean liner market, when the ´Norwegian Caribbean Cruise Lines´ joined the game establishing Cozumel as an important cruise ship destination. The ´Sunline´ became a sight in the Cozumel Port with the ‘MV Mermoz’ carrying 500 people as well as the ´SS Stella´ converted for 765 first-class passengers. $1830-$3375 could have you sailing for 14 days stopping in Montego Bay, San Juan, St Thomas, San Andres, Grand Cayman, and the impressive Island of Cozumel.

No 13th Floor on Cruise Liners

That’s right, due to superstition and belief no. 13 is unlucky, cruise ships don’t have a 13th floor. The largest ocean liners are high as a 16-story building. Most cruise ships these days have fake funnels for aesthetic purposes. The most expensive cruise, The Silver Whisper from Silversea Cruises, offers packages costing over $1 million dollars. 400 bottles of champagne are drunk every week aboard a cruise ship, now that’s a lot of bubbly.

The first cruise ships had cows onboard to produce fresh milk for passengers. It was common for ships to have topless sunbathing decks back in the day. The first swimming pool on board a cruise ship didn’t appear until 1910.

Best Cruise Line in the world

Norwegian Cruise Line was voted best in the word in 2022 by Readers' Choice Awards receiving 78.98. The people have spoken, and they love the V.I.P service of Norwegian cruise line. Unfortunately, I have to vote it the worse web site out of all the Cruise ship companies that come to Cozumel. You can’t change language if your access it from a different country other than your own. They don’t have cruises to look at online , they will email me information. Lol.

Coming in second best in the world the Royal Caribbean International, with 72.49 rating. Also, the second largest company. They offer a 4 nights western Caribbean cruise leaving from Tampa, Florida or Galvestion, Texas. Ranging from $306nusd for interior room. With a little upgrade $370 gets you an outside view.

You will reach Cozumel 7am to explore the fabulous ,ancient tranquil paradise till 6pm when the ‘Serenade of the Seas’ departs . 5 nights Western Caribbean leaving from Miami, stopping in Coco Bay, Bahamas before cruising to the blissful exotic port in Cozumel. Docking at the International Pier, where the Celebrity Cruises also park. That is there sister company, with the best website I came across. Doing sailings from 5 to 12 nights stopping in Cozumel.

MSC is the worlds largest privately owned cruise operator. They have cutting-edge design that brings you closer to the sea. Abundance of open deck, with a waterfront boardwalk and the longest dry slide at sea. 7 nights can get you to Cozumel on the ‘MSC Seashore’, visiting Bahamas and Belize on the way. Docking at Punta Langosta in the Cozumel port.

Carnival Cruise is the largest by passenger volume, it gets 21.3% of all cruise passengers. This company built the third cruise ship pier in October 2015, called Puerta Maya located south of the International pier. Nicknamed ‘Little Cozumel’ it has the most modern and diverse facilities, costing a cool $20 million usd. The same year it was built 1.7 million tourists disembarked from this Pier. They have a 4-night cruise from Miami or Tampa. It’s called the Carnival Conquest that arrives in Cozumel on the third day, at approximately 12pm. You can get the opportunity to enjoy an snorkeling adventure along the great Mesoamerican reef. Guaranteeing you fun and excitement while your onboard the ‘Carnival Paradise’.

But wait there is more

There is Holland American that docks at the International Pier. This Dutch\American steamship company has been running since 1873. They are offering between 7-21 nights cruising the majestic , panoramic Caribbean sea. All departing from Ft Lauderdale, stopping in places like St Maarten, Antigua, St Lucia, Dominica, St Kitts, St Thomas, Jamaica, and Belize. Cozumel is on the last leg of the trip. Prices start from $614.usd

Princess Cruise lines offer 5 or 7 days cruising the picturesque island of Cozumel for a minimum of $348usd. They have 80s Themed Caribbean get-a-ways departing from Galveston, Texas on the ‘Rudy Princess’. You can Leave from Ft.Lauderdale for 7 days, your ports include Honduras, Belize, Costa Maya as well as wondrous pristine waters around the international pier in Cozumel. Docking at 8am giving you ample time to explore the ancient abandoned archaeological Mayan Pyramid.

AIDA Cruises was the first company offering year-round cruises from Germany. The company boasts its policy aims on fitness and wellness activities. 14days from Martinique to Montego Bay, visiting six islands on the way, before you reach Cozumel for a full day of fun from 6am till 7:30pm. If you got 2200 euros, this could be an option for you.

My Favorite Disney Fantasy, choose between 4 to 7 nights. Classically themed ship with modern technologies. Top speed of 24 knots carrying 2400 passengers. Aquatic activities, aqua duck water coaster, 3 story tall water slide, whirlpools, swimming pools. Including a massive sports area, equipped with Basketball and volleyball, ping pong, shuffleboard and soccer net. All this is possible prices start from $743usd.

The latest in cruise ships with superyacht design, to come to Cozumel is Virgin Voyages with Richard Branson at the helm. Voted one of the best cruise lines in 2022 by Travel + Leisure’s award. As well as sporting a real life tree on the back deck that appears over 6 stories tall. Most itineraries feature late or overnight stay, so you can get ultimate out of your rendezvous. 5 nights from Miami to Cozumel for a full 12 hours before heading to Bimini. Luxury guaranteed from only $2502 usd.

The Caribbean is the world’s most popular cruise ship destination,

Fall in love with the sea, now is the perfect time. Vaccination and Covid testing are no longer required for most guests. It’s now more easier than ever, to live a life that makes you feel good, while you live your dreams.

By Santana Warner