Mexican Caribbean

The Aerodrome dream

In life man has a dream.

Captain Eduardo Toledo was one of these men. He worked hard and succeeded in becoming a recognized engineer. He went on to become founder of Cancun and director of Channel 10. A great man who was admired by businesspeople and politicians who had known him for years.

Captain Eduardo worked hard, and he played hard. Creating his dream world here in the spectacular secluded tropical paradise of Cozumel. Where he became administrator of Cozumel Hotel & Resort Trademark Collection by Wyndham.

Captain Eduardo love of flying had him buy 580 hectares of land on the west side of the island. The dream to not only have his own personal airstrip to fly in and out of Cozumel, but to also build a residential Airpark. Wikipedia says, “a residential airpark (also spelled air park) is also referred to as a "fly-in community". The word can also refer to a community specifically designed around an airport where the residents each would own their own airplane which they park in their hangar usually attached to the home or integrated into their home.”

Eduardo’s dream visioned a fly-in community featuring a variety of amenities, such as golf course, sports and leisure centers, equestrian facilities and more. The aerodrome was built in 2008, it has a paved runway 1,200 meters long and thirty meters wide, two taxiways, a hangar, and a 3,150-square-meter general aviation platform. On Jan 29, 2010, the aerodrome was inaugurated with a big celebration. Friends, invited guests and family were all there to make a toast to Captain Eduardo success in life. Rafael Arnal was also at the opening . It was the first time he met Capitan Eduardo today he continues to keep his dream alive managing the Aerodrome.

Airshow Cozumel

The airshow originally was started to celebrate the opening of the aerodrome. Every year after to celebrate the anniversary of the opening, a larger-than-life airshow took place in April. For years tourists and locals alike flocked to Cozumel, for this free of charge, family event.

This airshow had ultralight planes, radio-controlled airplanes and they even had classic cars and motorcycles. The main attraction was definitely the stunt planes, with worldclass pilots like Skip Stewart and Melissa Pemberton amazing the crowds with their acrobatic flying. The stunt plane community had made Cozumel their favorite venue, returning every year.

They delighted the public for years receiving international coverage. It was also transmitted live throughout the Americas and Europe via Fox Sports 2. Captain Eduardo organized discount rates for the ferry to and from Playa del Carmen, as well as the taxis. You could access these discounts by following a link, entering your name, email, and a password. This airshow gave a unique vacation experience, to marvel at the beauty of the Caribbean Ocean while embracing the breathtaking tropical paradise of Cozumel.

In the later years to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the aerodrome, “Captain Eduardo Toledo Parra,” the Pilot’s Club in Cozumel rolled out the red carpet to host the largest air show in Latin America, on April 18 – 19, 2015. This show had been a favorite for Cozumel families and had always had free admission. They included live entertainment, sky diving and a special fly over by the Mexican Airforce. Captain Eduardo put on a fantastic display, along with talented pilots Gary Ward, Red Bulls Cristian Bolton, Javier Rowe, Micho Vellickovich to name a few.

2017 Cancun Airshow

2017 brought a new change to the Airshow when it was moved to Cancun due to the municipal government of Cozumel not supporting the airshow that year.

On April 14, 2017, Police authorities reported that an emergency 911 call received a report that a small plane had crashed. Tragically the Champion 8 Decathlon aircraft with registration N65SE-BL8 piloted by Captain Eduardo Toledo Parra, had crashed during rehearsals for the 2017 Cancun Airshow. Witnesses said at the time, the aircraft was trying to land at the racetrack located on Luis Donaldo Colosio boulevard. The plane lost control falling into a green area, immediately catching fire. Unfortunately, it was to be Eduardo’s last flight. His Son Carlos Toledo Cardounel was reported saying after the crash: “Now I would like people to always remember my father as a warrior, who left as he wanted: in the field, on his plane."

This incredible extraordinary event, which had the participation of international pilots and the Mexican Air Force, had been taking place for many years. But this was the first time it left Cozumel to become Aero show Cancún 2017. The show that was scheduled for Saturday and Sunday continued in his honor at the Aerodrome in Cancun. As a tribute to Captain Eduardo, they made it the greatest show on earth.

Fun Tours

Today the Aerodrome with Rafael Arnal at the Heim, continues to keep Eduardo’s dream alive. Running successful scenic panoramic flights around Cozumel . Day time or romantic sunset flights are enough to sweep anyone off their feet. Fun tours have excitement to stimulate and amaze you, while living a luxurious reality. Take an astonishing flight exploring one of the seven wonders of the world. Cross the Caribbean Sea to the mainland, marvel at the breathtaking Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza, Coba, and Tulum. Exceptional landscape that pops out of the jungle to great you. They provide your return flight, ground transportation, entrance to archeological site and even an English-speaking guide. This really is living life like a V.I.P. They also do flights to Holbox, Cancun, Palenque, Mahahual, Merida, Campeche, Chetumal, Villahermosa. These really are bucket list flight tours, spectacular way to live your best life.

Skydivemex Cozumel

Skydivemex has its drop zone right in the heart of the Captain Eduardo Toledo Aerodrome, in a green grass landing area. Their turbo charged airplane takes off, and lands after your jump. You take a spectacular scenic flight right above Isla de la Pasión and El Cielo beach. Then it is time to stimulate and electrify your senses with this extreme sport, that has your adrenaline pumping as your jumping.

Aircraft technicians

The Aerodrome has a fully operational aircraft maintenance workshop. They have three technicians who inspect, perform, and supervise maintenance, preventive maintenance, repairs and alteration of aircraft and aircraft systems. Helicopter flights will soon be available as early as 2024. Making your airport transfers easy, the V.I.P way.

The "Aeródromo Captitán Eduardo Toledo" is open 7 days a week , from 9am to 6pm. Time to explore your options, step out of the box. Work out how to really live a life, that you have always dreamed of. Captain Eduardo lived the life he dreamed. Now is your time, your opportunity to work out what you really want, come to Cozumel, create a life that feels fabulous. There are direct flights every day to Cozumel from the USA. They typically starting from $300usd and up, for a return flight from Houston, Tx.

 By Santana Warner